• Passion for Improvement

    Since 2007, HiDEC has strived to connect those who are passionate about economic development and continuous improvement in Central Oregon.

    The bottom line...

    "We looked to HiDEC for helping us to improve our understanding and competency of LEAN and continuous improvement principles… then immediately started re-working our service delivery. Being able to eliminate days of time off network service delivery and significantly reduce our schedule risk directly benefits our customers and our bottom line."
    ~ Bendbroadband

    Culture + productivity...

    "HiDEC membership has been a foundation of support for Structus which has contributed significantly to our culture development. HiDEC's low-cost, high-impact training paved the way to significant productivity and quality improvements."
    ~ Structus

  • Our members are amazing!

    Beverage to Bio-Tech. How will you leverage the experience of Central Oregon's finest?

  • Signature Events

    Our goal is to make high quality content affordable and accessible to the Central Oregon region by leveraging our member community, trusted local partners and thought leaders.

    Launch Into Lean

    Getting started + Fundamentals + Connecting with Peers

    Our signature offering. For multiple industries. In partnership with community practitioners, we facilitate a fun and highly interactive initial dive into lean. Great for those who are new or seeking to "keep the saw sharp".

    The Heart of Improvement

    Culture + Change Management + Leading Improvement

    Your organization is only as effective as its culture allows it to be. Insight and connection with how culture drives and sustains the success of your improvement initiatives. A solid 360 approach to cultural awareness. Suitable for leaders at all levels of your organization.

    Value Stream - Getting it Right

    Process + Alignment + Problem Solving + Planning

    Continuous improvement theory is interesting, but who has time for academics? Get tools and understanding to analyze today, where you want to be it in the future, and how to get there. Superior peer interaction. Fantastic for teams at all levels.

    Measuring Progress

    Process + Alignment + Visibility + Feedback

    Peter Drucker had it right: “What gets measured, gets done.” Developing metrics and tracking them is an essential element of improvement. Learn from peers and practice what works well (and not so well) and tune your own measures. Ideal for those seeking to enhance visibility and feedback.

    Getting from Strategy to Operations

    Strategy + Alignment + Planning

    Who are you and how to you compete? Who do you ensure that all the teams in your organization are aligned? There are so many tools and processes, where do I start? We help you answer those questions and showcase local "success stories". Excellent networking event.

    Mastery of Lean (for all of us!)

    Tools + Problem Solving + Culture + Alignment

    Don’t be scared by the title, this course is not just for the “enlightened”. Learn about FMEA, A3, other key tools, case studies from peers and most importantly tying it all back to the beginning – culture. Ideal for those both early and already underway in their improvement journey.

    Annual Conference - Bringing it Together

    Annual Wrap-Up + Alignment + Celebration + Networking

    We strive to bring the learnings for the year together in a fun and immediately useful capstone session led by regional thought leaders and improvement veterans. Join or celebration of the year of accomplishments, and view of topics for year ahead. Outstanding networking.

    Learning Tours

    Sharing + Learning + Networking

    How better to learn and grow than to share? We facilitate bringing together members to "show and tell" their progress and achievements. One of our most popular offerings! Limited availability, these fill up fast!

    Peer Problem Assessments

    Sharing + Problem Solving + Networking

    Stuck? Perplexed? Need an outsiders to hear you out? Our members support each other and HiDEC facilitates brining them together when some "help" is need. All we ask is that that you give to get.

  • Events: A look ahead

    June, 2017

    Problem Solving Tour at Humm Kombucha

    What is a Problem Solving Tour? It's a chance for attendees to work with the company to brainstorm ideas on how to improve a process or operation. In this instance, we'll be looking specifically at Humm Kombucha's materials and supplies staging for production. Ideally, the ideas then get implemented on the floor (or get mocked up) so there is a working system by the end of the exercise.
    Click here to register
    • Thursday, June 15th
    • 20270 Brinson Blvd., Bend, OR
    • Space is limited to 12 attendees
    • Open to HiDEC members only



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